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  Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

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Trivia & Facts
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Jeff Randall

In the original draft of the show, Jeff Randall's first name was Steve, not Jeff.
(Posted by Karen Raizor)

Marty's original suit

According to the original draft of the storyline, Marty Hopkirk was to wear a pale green suit, not a white suit.
(Posted by Karen Raizor)

Theme Music

Edwin Astley composed the theme to Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). Astley was also the father-in-law of Pete Townshend, guitarist/songwriter of The Who.
(Posted by Karen Raizor)

Original Storyline

In Dennis Spooner's original idea for the series storyline, Jeff could not see Marty; and, Marty died accidentally instead of being murdered.
(Posted by Karen Raizor)

U.S. Title

When sold in syndication to the United States, the series was retitled My Partner the Ghost. The U.S. was the only place in the world the series was renamed.
(Posted by Karen Raizor)

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