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  Strange Paradise

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Trivia & Facts
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This is the first and last time Erica Desmond is seen until episode 51. In this episode she is played by Lara Cochrane. However, in episode 51 and all subsequent episodes she is played by Tudi Wiggins.

Dan Forrest is played by an unknown actor in this episode. In all subsequent episodes he is played by Jon Granik.

Dan Forrest’s secretary is busy talking to Phyllis on the phone when he interrupts her. According to Dan Forrest, Jean Paul owns a brokerage house, a department store, three newspapers, a football franchise, motion picture and TV interests and real estate holdings, making him one of the richest men in the world.

Erica was six months pregnant at the time of her death.

There is no phone on Maljardin.

The first word the portrait of Jacques speaks is “Bravo!”

Beryl Forbes is the entertainer who sings at the French Leaf Café. She performs “That Old Black Magic”, coincidentally at the same time that Jean Paul is opening Jacques casket.

The character of Beryl Forbes (played by Nonny Griffin) was later renamed Evangeline (Vangie) Abbot, and was played by Angela Roland. Vangie also worked at the French Leaf, but, unlike Beryl, never displayed any singing talent.

Three caskets are seen in the crypt. Buried along with Jacques are Paul Emile DesMondes (1722-1756) and Louis Lucien DesMondes (1680-1700). Their relationship to anyone else is never explained.

The inscription on Jacques’ casket says the following: “He who disturbs my sleep has the devil to pay.”

There are many God and devil references throughout Strange Paradise, as well as numerous references to God being the giver of life, and comments that Jean Paul’s actions are against the will of God, along with the implication that Jacques is the embodiment of the devil himself. While these kinds of overt religious references might not have been odd for Canadian television in the 60’s, they certainly were not the norm for US shows. Dark Shadows, for instance, when portraying a character that was clearly representing the Devil (Diabolos), the decision was made specifically not to call him "the Devil", much like the decision not to refer to Barnabas as a vampire for almost a year after his initial appearance. The Devil was referenced in later Dark Shadows episodes, however.
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