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Trivia & Facts
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Monty Hall was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He attended the University of Manitoba, where he performed in all college musical and dramatic productions and served as emcee of Canadian Army shows during the war, and was elected President of the Student Body.

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree, he moved to Toronto where he resumed his career as actor, singer, emcee and sportscaster.

In 1955, he went to New York to do a five-year run of NBC's Monitor. In 1960, he became emcee of CBS's Video Village which brought him to Hollywood. It was in Hollywood while doing Video Village that his packaging career commenced as he sold his first production, Your First Impression, to the National Broadcasting Company.

Monty teamed with writer-producer Stefan Hatos in 1963 to create Let's Make a Deal which ran until August 1986.
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