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  Loving/The City

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Trivia & Facts
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All My Children is produced in Loving's original studio space at ABC. Loving moved into the old Ryan's Hppe studio next door when AMC moved into their studio.

The View is produced in the former Ryan's Hope/Loving/The City studio at ABC and they use parts of The City's loft for their set and All My Children is still there next door.

The actors who played Cooper and Steffi were married in real life.

Most cancelled shows end all plots, but at the end of The City, it was shown that serial killer Molly Malone/Sandra Carlson killed Sydney Chase, and would probably kill again. I also have a question for you. Do you have any tapes of The City or Loving, or do you know of anybody that does?

Agnes Nixon and Douglas Marland took a bold step in 1984 by having Lovingís Lily sexually molested by her biological father, Garth, rather than by a stepfather, as usually done on soaps. After the abuse, Lily developed a split personality and eventually went to Oregon for therapy.

Also in 1984, Nixon chose to highlight the plight of a Vietnam veteran. James Kiberdís (ex-Trevor, AMC), character, Mike, went on-location to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Real-life family members of vets who had been killed in the line of duty were captured on film as they stood by the monument.

In 1995, Loving made history as it morphed into The City. To facilitate the change, the show had character Gwynneth Alden murder several members of her family. Frightened Corinth residents hightailed it to SoHo, NY to begin the City on November 13, 1995.

(Posted by Stephen Strong)

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