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  Hollywood Squares

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Trivia & Facts
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From the beginning, The Hollywood Squares tried to reach out to younger audiences with younger celebrites, like Sally Field (The Flying Nun) and Burt Ward (Batman). But it was Dennis the Menace himself, Jay North, who broke the under-18 barrier on the show. North was 16 when he occupied a square the week of October 30, 1967, apparently to promote his NBC adventure series Maya. Minor Squares would appear sporadically until the late 1970s, when younger celebrities became a way of life.

Among the show's many Emmys: five for host Peter Marshall, two for Paul Lynde, and four for the show itself (with producers Merrill Heatter and Bob Quigley accepting). One of those four was for its last year on NBC, when it tied with The $20,000 Pyramid for Outstanding Game Show.
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