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Trivia & Facts
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At one time it was thought that John Smith would leave the show to do other things. So Don Durant was set up as a replacement in the role of Gandy. Gandy appeared in one episode "No Place To Run" and he was good in the role. However John stayed until Laramie ended its run in 1963. Don had been known for his role as Johnny Ringo in the TV series of the same name.
(Posted by Stephen Strong)


When a land-grabber kills their father, Slim (John Smith) and Andy (Bobby Crawford) Sherman are left to try and salvage what they can from a ranch which wasn't doing well. One day in comes a drifter named Jess Harper (Robert Fuller) who is persuaded to stay and help out.

To supplement their income, the Shermans run a stagecoach station from the ranch.

In the beginning Jonesy (Hoagy Carmichael), an old family friend, provides guidance on the ranch. He was gone in the second season and Sheriff Mort Corey (Stuart Randall) appeared. Andy just kind of faded from view and Mike Williams (Dennis Holmes), orphaned after an Indian attack, came to stay at the ranch. Also, Daisy (Spring Byington) arrived to provide housekeeping skills to the all male household.

Laramie brought Robert Fuller to public attention as he was unquestionably the show's hunk. Fuller moved from Laramie onto scounting duties on Wagon Train.
(Posted by Stephen Strong) (Source:

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