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Trivia & Facts
This page contains random Facts, Trivia, and other Show Information. Feel free to Contribute!



The first season of Lost will depict the survivors' first 40 days on the island. The Biblical reference (40 days) is no accident.
J.J. Abrams offered the lead role of Jack Sheperd to actor Michael Keaton. Most of the writing team have a Minor in Sociology.
Tabula Rasa is Latin and means Blank Slate. (Giving Kate a clean start) This was also the title of a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episode.
Yunjin Kim initially read for the role of Kate. It didn't seem right so... Charlie was supposed to be a 45-year-old has-been rock star but they liked Dominic so they changed it.
Danielle said that her vessel was 3 days out of Tahiti when a storm broke out and they crashed. This places the fictional island somewhere due east of Australia.
Boone and Shannon aren't biologically related. We see that they previously had a relationship.
Starting in the episode where Kate learns that Sun speaks English, Jack wears the key to the Marshall's suitcase on a chain around his neck. In slow motion, one can see that the "imagined monster" that Boone & Shannon are running from is actually a tree being uprooted. Still the monster or whatever it is had to be pretty big to pull it up.
Airline and flight number Oceanic 815 has its significance.
Charlie's band's name is Drive Shaft. Locke was in a wheelchair and could not walk before the crash.
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