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  Hardcastle & McCormick

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Trivia & Facts
This page contains random Facts, Trivia, and other Show Information. Feel free to Contribute!


Theme Song Lyrics:

Theme Song from Season 2 and 3

Two people in two different worlds
Billions of light years apart
Two strangers in dangerous times
Shootin' it straight from the heart
Little by little, we meet in the middle
The give and the take never ends
It's kinda excitin' this fussin' and fighting
Here we go acting like friends

Back to back, holdin' the line
We're over our heads, but we're in it together
Back to back, stumblin' by
We'll take it one step at a time

I had a feelin' the moment we met
You were the wrong kind of luck
You're like a bad habit that I can't forget
You've got the right kind of stuff

(Posted by Stephen Strong)

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