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  Peyton Place

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Before Dallas, Dynasty or Falcon Crest, there was Peyton Place, the first prime time soap opera. Taken from the popular novel by Grace Metalious, Peyton Place had already been made into a major motion picture.

Originally it aired two times a week, then went to three and back again to twice. Eat your heart out J.R. Ewing. We were mad for more of the secrets of this small New England town with the lovely gazebo and smoldering passions.

For its time, both the novel and the TV series were seen as highly risque. Sexy stuff for the Fifties and Sixties.

Among the other people who came and went were: Lee Grant, Gena Rowlands, Leslie Nielsen, Wilfred Hyde-White, Leigh Taylor-Young, Ruby Dee and Lola Albright. A cast of thousands.

Peyton Place made stars of Mia Farrow and Ryan O'Neal.
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