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  Hart to Hart

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Sidney Sheldon said that " I created Hart to Hart at Columbia Pictures, and the networks passed on it. Two years later the network told Aaron that they wanted to do a show about a sophisticated couple, he remembered the script I had written and the network bought it."

Robert Wagner worked on the initial idea for Hart to Hart as he did not like the original script. "It [Hart to Hart] was originally called Double Twist, and the couple's name was Twist. I wasn't crazy about it at all", says Wagner. "They lived in one of those push-button apartments where the bed and TV set comes out of the ceiling. They were very up, very trendy people." Writer Tom Mankiewicz worked with Wagner to revamp the show, and Jonathan and Jennifer Hart evolved. Wagner chose Dick Powell's old house for the Harts to live in. "The show is not an original idea, he says, "but what the hell is new? Nothing's new. It's all in the approach."
(Posted by Stephen Strong)

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