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  Date With the Angels

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Theme Song Lyrics:

Got a date with an angel Got to meet her at seven Got a date with an angel And I'm on my way to heaven

She's so lovely beside me And whatever betide me Got an angel to guide me So I'm on my way to heaven

Soon I'll hear bells ring out And the choir will sing out When the pearly gates swing out She'll becon to me

I've been waiting a life time For this evening at seven Got a date with an angel And I'm on my way to heaven

(Posted by Stephen Strong)


White co-created Date With The Angels in 1957.

Sponsored by Plymouth automobiles, Date with the Angels centered on the first year of bliss for newlyweds Vicki (White) and Gus (Bill Williams) Angel. But the ratings were not good, and the show was reworked as a half-hour comedy-variety series called The Betty White Show. It didnít do any better than ďAngelsĒ, and left the airwaves in April 1958.

(Posted by Stephen Strong)

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