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Trivia & Facts
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Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) was the trail boss of the cattle drive from North Texas to Sedalia, Kansas. His ramrod was a young Clint Eastwood playing Rowdy Yates. When Fleming left the show in the last season, Rowdy became the boss.

Rawhide is often compared to Wagon Train which debuted first. The cattle drive provided the same opportunity to come across many different people and situations. Even Rawhide's whiskered cook, Wishbone (Paul Brinegar) is often confused with Wagon Train's bushy cook, Charlie Wooster (Frank McGrath).

Did you know that Sheb Wooley, who played Pete Nolan, is also known as a country and western singer? Or that he brought you the tune, Purple People Eater?

Rawhide has one of the most easily recognized theme songs. And well it should. Composer Dimitri Tiomkin also composed the theme music for High Noon, Rio Bravo, Dial M for Murder, The Alamo and many other movies.

When you watch Rawhide now, it is interesting to see the young Clint Eastwood inasmuch as we now know all he will become.

Of historical note: When Raymond St. Jacques joined the cast in 1965 he became the first black actor to be regularly featured on a Western.
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