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  Hogan Family

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Trivia & Facts
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Hogan Family was also known as Valerie, and then Valerie's Family before they changed the name to Hogan Family.

Valerie Harper starred in this show at first, but through difficulties with the network, she eventually left the show and was replaced with Sandy Duncan. That's why (as well as the change in networks) the three names for the show.
(Posted by Stephen Strong)

Theme Song Lyrics:

Life is such a sweet insanity
The more you learn the less you know
In the heart of every family
Thereís a love that starts by letting go.

Step by step and day by day,
Reaching out along the way
Hand in hand we think of you
Together through the years we get stronger

Happiness and tears
And in our minds we share
The laughter and the sadness
A special kind of gladness
Together through the years

Life is such a sweet insanity
Itís nice to know your friends are here
In the heart of every family
Thereís a love thatís waiting there for you.
Through the years.

(Posted by Stephen Strong)

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