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  Card Sharks

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Trivia & Facts
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-The Money Cards round on Card Sharks was introduced somewhat on a pilot produced by Card Sharks staff member (and creator of Card Sharks) Chester Feldman called "King of the Hill." The rules were VERY similar, except a push actually WON and there no levels and there was no Big Bet.

-Jim Perry hosted "Definition" for 17 years in Canada, the most successful game show ever produced up in the north. After Card Sharks, he hosted a Bob Stewart pilot "Twisters" and hosted "Sale of the Century" on NBC and syndication from 1983-1989.

-To begin the 1981 season, Card Sharks had a "Game Show Hosts Turnabout Week" where game hosts played the game for their favorite charities. Actually, it was three weeks. In the first week, Gene Rayburn, Bill Cullen, Allen Ludden, and Wink Martindale played. In week two, Jack Clark, Tom Kennedy, Alex Trebek, and Jim Lange played. In week three, the top winners played. Alex Trebek ended up winning the tournament.

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