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  WKRP in Cincinnati

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Trivia & Facts
This page contains random Facts, Trivia, and other Show Information. Feel free to Contribute!


WKRP Trivia

* WKRP was supposedly at 1530 on the AM dial and the station's mascot was a Carp (fish).
* There was no real radio station in Cincinnati with the call letters WKRP but, after the show began, a station in Georgia applied for those letters and got them. The producers of the TV show wanted to sue but the FCC said that only a legitimate radio station can own the rights to call letters. By the way, there was a "WKRC" in Cincinnati before the show started.
* Several times during the show a character would talk about "Mayor Springer." Today, we know his as "Jerry Springer" the talk-show host. Yes, he was actually the mayor of Cincinnati at that time!
* Loni Anderson was the 1st runner-up in the 1964 Miss Minnesota contest.
* In the pilot episode, it's stated that WKRP is a 50,000 watt station. In the rest of the series, it's referred to as a 5,000 watt station.
* Doctor Johnny Fever had been fired from a job in Los Angeles for saying the word "Booger" on the air.
*The TV show was nominated for 2 Emmys and 3 Golden Globes, all for Loni Anderson as Best Actress. Unfortunately, she didn't win any of them.

(Posted by Stephen Strong)

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