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  Murder, She Wrote

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Trivia & Facts
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-- During the twelve years of Murder, She Wrote, there were 286 murders featured on the show.
-- Staking its place in television history, Murder, She Wrote is the longest-running dramatic series with a female star and (tied with Hawaii Five-O) the longest-running hour crime show.
-- Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote holds the record of being the biggest loser at the Emmy's. Of 16 nominations, she has yet to win an award.
-- First choice for the lead in the CBS mystery drama Murder, She Wrote was actress Jean Stapleton. The role of mystery writer/sleuth Jessica Fletcher was created with her in mind, but before production began, Stapleton's husband died and she chose to bow out. Angela Lansbury was selected to replace her in the part.
(Posted by Stephen Strong)

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