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  Mayberry R.F.D.

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Trivia & Facts
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- R.F.D. stands for Rural Free Delivery
- Essentially a continuation of The Andy Griffith Show. In fact the series premier featured the wedding of Andy to his long time girlfriend Helen Crump, and Barney Fife can briefly be seen serving as Andy's best man.
- Though still popular in 1971, Mayberry R.F.D. was cancelled along with other "rural shows" (green acres, Beverly hillbillies), because CBS executives felt those series only appealed to old people and those living in rural areas.
(Posted by Stephen Strong)

Nielsen Ratings

#4 in 1968-69 Season
#4 in 1969-70 Season
#15 in 1970-71 Season
(Posted by Stephen Strong)

Original Broadcast History

September 23, 1968-March 29, 1971 -- Mondays at 9:00PM
(Posted by Stephen Strong)

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