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  My Three Sons

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"Charlie, this is no time to be logical!"

Downloads: 525
.WAV ( 33 kB)
"Comon, hold it.. What kind of talk is that?"

Downloads: 547
.WAV ( 67 kB)
"I'll admit, it's pretty astounding"

Downloads: 494
.WAV ( 28 kB)
Charlie's Head

Downloads: 494
.WAV ( 50 kB)
Chip explains the movie to Ernie

Downloads: 497
.WAV (190 kB)
Helpful Katie

Downloads: 484
.WAV ( 36 kB)
Katie tells Steve it's time for her to go to the hospital

Downloads: 503
.WAV ( 63 kB)
My Three Sons Theme Song

Downloads: 7095
.WAV (510 kB)
The Kindhearted Uncle Charlie

Downloads: 502
.WAV ( 55 kB)
Uncle Charlie calmly explains how to spell "Douglas"

Downloads: 534
.WAV ( 87 kB)

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