Episode List

NOTE: The first two seasons of Petticoat Junction were filmed in Black and White.

Season One (1963-1964)

1- Spur Line to the Shady Rest
2- Quick Hide the Railroad!
3- The President Who Came to Dinner
4- Is There A Doctor in the Roundhouse?
5- The Courtship of Floyd
6- Please Buy My Violets
7- The Ringer
8- Kate's Recipe for Hot Rhubarb
9- The Little Train Robbery
10- Bedloe Strikes Again
11- Uncle Joe's Replacement
12- Honeymoon Hotel
13- A Night at the Hooterville Hilton
14- Cannonball Christmas
15- Herby Gets Drafted
16- Bobby Jo and the Beatnik
17- My Daughter the Doctor
18- Hooterville vs. Hollywood
19- Visit From the Big Star
20- Last Chance Farm
21- The Very Old Antique
22- The Art Game
23- Betty Jo's First Love
24- Behind all the Silver, there's a Cloudy Lining
25- The Talent Contest
26- Kate and the Manpower Problem
27- The Ladybugs
28- The Hooterville Fireball
29- Kate, the Stockholder
30- Kate and the Dowager
31- Charley Abandons the Cannonball
32- Dog Days at the Shady Rest
33- A Millionaire for Kate
34- Bedloe and Son
35- Local Girl Makes Good
36- Cave Women
37- Kate Flat on Her Back
38- The Ghengas Keane Story

Season Two (1964-1965)

39- Betty Jo's Dog
40- Race Against the Stork
41- Have Library, Will Travel
42- The Umquaw Strip
43- As Hooterville Goes
44- My Dog the Actor
45- The Great Buffalo Hunt
46- Betty Jo's Pen Pal
47- Bedloe's Nightmare
48- Kate's Bachelor Butter
49- Mother of the Bride
50- The Last Patrol
51- Smoke Eaters
52- The Curse of Chester W Farnsworth
53- There's No Flame Like an Old Flame
54- Billie Jo's First Job
55- A Matter of Communication
56- Kate Bradley, Girl Volunteer
57- The Hooterville Crime Wave
58- For the Birds
59- Modern Merchandising
60- A Visit From the Governor
61- A Borderline Story
62- The Shady Rest Hotel Corporation
63- A Tale of Two Dogs
64- The Black Box
65- Bedloe's Most Fiendish Scheme
66- Bedloe Gets His Comeuppetance
67- The Mayor of Hooterville
68- Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Jinx?
69- The Chicken Killer
70- Why Girls Leave Home
71- There's No Stove Like An Old Stove
72- The Brontosauraus Caper
73- The Hair Brained Scheme
74- There's No Business With Show Business

Season Three (1965-1966)

75- Dear Minerva
76- The Baffling Raffle
77- The Dog Turns Playboy
78- The Good Luck Ring
79- Joe Carson, General Contractor
80- Bobbie Jo's Sorority
81- A Doctor in the House
82- Hooterville A-Go-Go
83- Hooterville Hurricane
84- Betty Jo Goes to New York
85- Bedloe's Successor
86- The Crowded Wedding Ring
87- Uncle Joe Plays Post Office
88- What's a Trajectory?
89- The Butler Did It
90- Better Never Than Late
91- Betty Jo Catches the Bouquet
92- Billie Jo's Independence Day
93- Yogurt Anyone?
94- Only Boy in the Class
95- The County Fair
96- Jury at the Shady Rest
97- The Invisible Mr. Dobble
98- It's Not the Principle, It's the Money
99- War of the Hotels
100- The Windfall
101- Second Honeymoon
102- Kate Sells the Hotel
103- Kate Bradley, Peacemaker
104- Whatever Happened to Betty Jo?
105- The Young Matchmakers
106- Every Bachelor Should Have a Family
107- The Hooterville Valley Project
108- Betty Jo's Bike

Season Four (1966-1967)

109- Young Love
110- Birdman of Shady Rest
111- Hooterville, You're All Heart
112- The All Night Party
113- Cannonball Inc.
114- He Loves Us, He Loves Us Not
115- Kate Grounds Selma Plout
116- Shoplifter at the Shady Rest
117- The Almost Annual Charity Show
118- How Bugged Was My Valley?
119- Twenty-Five Years Too Late
120- The Runt Strikes Back
121- Is There a Doctor in the Valley?
122- The Santa Claus Special
123- My Daughter, the Secretary
124- The Rise and Fall of a Tycoon
125- Girls! Girls! Girls!
126- His Highness, the Dog
127- Temperance, Temperance
128- A Star is Born
129- Don't Call Us
130- That's Max?
131- Hey, Look Me Over
132- The Fishing Derby
133- Kate's Big Deal
134- Author! Author!
135- Kate's Cousin Mae
136- That Was the Night That Was
137- The Eternal Rectangle
138- Steve's Old Buddy
139- A House Divided
140- Go Away, Fat

Season Five (1967-1968)

141- Is This My Daughter?
142- It's Not Easy to Be a Mother
143- One Dozen Roses
144- Pop Goes the Question
145- You Know I Can't Hear You When the Thunder Is Clapping
146- A Cottage for Two
147- Mind if We Join Your Wedding?
148- Meet the In-Laws
149- With This Gown I Thee Wed
150- Hawaii Calling
151- Kate's Birthday
152- The Honeymoon Is Over
153- A Horse on You, Mr. Bedloe
154- Kate's Day in Court
155- Uncle Joe's Master Plan
156- All That Buzzes Ain't Bees
157- All Sales Final
158- The Power of the Press
159- Steve, the Apple Polisher
160- The Barber Shop Quartet
161- Higgins Come Home
162- Girl of Our Dreams
163- Uncle Joe Runs the Hotel
164- Billie Jo's First Record
165- Mae's Helping Hand
166- Bad Day at Shady Rest
167- Cannonball for Sale
168- My Pal Sam
169- Ring-A-Ding-Ding
170- Kate's Homecoming

Season Six (1968-1969)

171- Birthplace of a Future President
172- The Singing Sweethearts
173- Only a Husband
174- The Valley Has a Baby
175- Granny, the Baby Expert
176- Wings
177- The Lady Doctor
178- The Sneaky Ways of a Woman Who Is Both Beautiful and Smart
179- The Strange Case of Joseph P. Carson
180- Bye, Bye, Doctor
181- First Night Out
182- A Cake From Granny
183- The Feminine Mistake
184- The Ballad of the Everyday Housewife
185- The Christening
186- Billie Jo and the Big Big Star
187- Steve's New Job
188- The Cannonball Bookmobile
189- A Man Called Cyrus Plout
190- Joe Saves the Post Office
191- I'm Allergic to Daddy
192- Uncle Joe Retires
193- The Organ Fund
194- The Great Race
195- Tune In Next Year
196- By the Book

Season Seven (1969-1970)

197- Make Room for Baby
198- The Game Warden
199- The Other Woman
200- One of Our Chickens Is Missing
201- The Three Queens
202- The Glen Tinker Caper
203- The Tenant
204- A Most Momentous Occasion
205- Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Taking No Shots
206- The Camping Trip
207- Kathy Jo's First Birthday
208- The Golden Spike Ceremony
209- Goodbye Mr. Chimp
210- But I've Never Been in Erie, PA
211- How to Arrange a Marriage
212- Selma Plout's Plot
213- With This Ring...
214- The Valley's New Owner
215- Steve's Uncle George
216- Susan B. Anthony, I Love You
217- Spare That College
218- Whiplash, Whiplash
219- Last Train to Pixley
220- Love Rears Its Ugly Head
221- No, No, You Can't Take Her Away
222- Betty Jo's Business


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