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Welcome to the My Three Sons sound directory! Here, you'll find ten original sounds directly from My Three Sons! Click on the Sound Image or Title to download the sound.

"Comon, hold it.. What kind of talk is that?" [M3S01.WAV]

Helpful Katie [M3S02.WAV]

The Kindhearted Uncle Charlie [M3S03.WAV]

Chip explains the movie to Ernie [M3S04.WAV]

Charlie's Head [M3S05.WAV]

"I'll admit, it's pretty astounding" [M3S06.WAV]

My Three Sons Theme Song [M3S07.WAV]

"Charlie, this is no time to be logical!" [M3S08.WAV]

Katie tells Steve it's time for her to go to the hospital [M3S09.WAV]

Uncle Charlie calmly explains how to spell "Douglas" [M3S10.WAV]

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