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> Description 
Jeremiah is a TV-series, loosely based on Belgian writer Hermann Huppen's comic book of the same name. Beside the names of the main characters, there is no similarity between the comics and the series. The show was produced and written by J. Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5) and Sam Egan.


In the year 2021, 15 years after a virus kills everyone over the age of puberty, the child survivors have grown up, living on the scraps of the old world. Now they must either continue the downward slide, or begin to rebuild the world.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Jan 01, 2004
Premiere 2002
Network Syndicated
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Robert Wisden....   Devon / Jeremiah's Father (7 episodes)
Kandyse McClure....   Elizabeth (2002)
Ingrid Kavelaars....   Erin
Alex Zahara....   Ezekiel (6 episodes)
Michael Teigen....   Frank (5 episodes)
Enid-Raye Adams....   Gina (5 episodes)
Luke Perry....   Jeremiah
Malcolm-Jamal Warner....   Kurdy
Byron Lawson....   Lee Chen
Joanne Kelly....   Liberty 'Libby' Kaufman (2003)
Peter Stebbings....   Marcus Alexander
Sean Astin....   Mister Smith (2003-2004)
Daniel Pepper....   Reconnaissance Leader (2002)
Kimberly Hawthorne....   Theo (9 episodes)

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