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  The Red Buttons Show

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> Description 
A memorable part of The Red Buttons Show was a little song that Red sang called the "Ho-Ho" song. He would put his hands together in what appeared to be a gesture of supplication, lean his head against them at a funny angle and hop around the stage singing "Ho! Ho!... He! He!... Ha! Ha!... Strange things are happening." For a long time, that song became a fad that touched millions of children around the country. The show itself featured monologues and dance numbers by Red, and sketches with his regulars and guest stars.

Some of the recurring characters played by Red were: the Sad Sack; the Kupke Kid, a lovable little boy; Rocky Buttons, a punchy boxer and Keeglefarven, a dumb, blundering German. There were also regular sketches about Red and his wife with Dorothy Jolliffe as his wife when the show first appeared. She was replaced in October by Beverly Dennis and Miss Dennis was replaced by Betty Ann Grove at the start of the 53-54' season.

A smash hit in its first season, The Red Buttons Show began to fade in its second year on CBS and was picked up by NBC after it had been cancelled. The NBC series started as a variety show with guests but no regulars. When that didn't work, the format was changed to a sitcom at the end of January.

Red played himself as a TV comic who was always getting into trouble of one sort or another. Phyllis Kirk was his new wife, Bobby Sherwood was his best friend and director of the TV show and Paul Lynde played Mr. Standish, a network vice-president who Red had constant run-ins with. Nothing seemed to help and Red, who had gone through literally dozens of writers in his quest to find a workable format, left the air that spring.
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing May 13, 1955
Premiere October 14, 1952
Network CBS / NBC
Format/Time Black & White / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Red Buttons....   Himself (Host) (1952-1955)
Elliot Lawrence....   Himself (orchestra leader)
David Winters....   Red's nephew
Allan Walker....   Regula performer (1952-1953)
Betty Ann Grove....   Regular performer (1953-1954)
Dorothy Jolliffe....   Regular performer (1952)
Beverly Dennis....   Regular performer (1952-1953)
Pat Carroll....   Regular performer (1952-1953)
Paul Lynde....   Regular performer (1955)
Bobby Sherwood....   Regular performer (1955)
Joe Silver....   Regular performer
Phyllis Kirk....   Regular performer (1955)

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