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> Description 
A half-hour comedy series from the creators and executive producers of Friends. Veronica's Closet stars Kirstie Alley as Veronica 'Ronnie' Chase, the 'Queen of Romance.' Founder of a successful lingerie empire, and best-selling author of self-help romance books, Ronnie has it all ... money, success, sex appeal and a philandering husband. How she will find true happiness without jeopardizing her business will be her biggest challenge yet.

"A devoted wife for 14 years and a savvy entrepreneur, Ronnie has built an enterprise based on romance despite her philandering husband. However, as of late, his indiscretions have become too frequent and painful to overlook. She can no longer tolerate finding his bimbos' undergarments in her house or the tabloids photographing him with other women. Infidelity is hard enough without having to endure public humiliation.

"Standing by Ronnie's side, is her acerbic and sexually ambivalent assistant, Josh (Langham). Also experiencing relationship troubles, Josh cannot understand why he fails with women. Even more incomprehensible to him is Ronnie's blunt explanation -- that he is gay. In between sharing their personal horror stories, Josh stays one step ahead of Ronnie. He screens her calls; sets her schedule, and when she's at wits end, keeps her sane with a supply of pizzas and pastries.

"While at work, Ronnie also relies on Olive (Najimy), her outspoken confidante and senior merchandising executive. Despite the risks to Ronnie's enterprise, Olive refuses to tolerate Bryce's misbehavior. Not that she isn't capable of her own hanky panky, especially with her penchant for young, handsome boy toys.

"One of those male hunks happens to be the company's public relations executive, Perry (Cortese). A former thong model, Perry attempts to protect Ronnie's public image through skillful manipulation of the media -- he lies and keeps reporters on hold until they hang up. Junior executive, Leo (Mitchell), rounds out the office staff. Newly exposed to Ronnie's inner sanctum, he naively fumbles his way through marketing presentations and office politics.

"When all else fails, Ronnie finds comfort while stuck in traffic with the man whose known her the longest ... Pat (Prosky), her chauffeur, dad, and center of her crazy universe. Whether arguing over his blood alcohol level or his navigational skills, they always make time for a good father/daughter chat.

"Finally, it's Ronnie's turn to be happy. After all, she's earned it. A loving wife and daughter, stellar businesswoman and author, her success has helped others fulfill their dreams. Now that her husband's dirty secret is out of the 'closet,' she's risking her company, Veronica's Closet, for what she really wants -- true love, fidelity and happiness."

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Jun 27, 2000
Premiere September 25, 1997
Episodes 65
Network NBC
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Ron Silver....   Alec Bilson (1998-1999)
Christopher McDonald....   Bryce Chase
Dan Cortese....   Laird Perry Rollins
Daryl Mitchell....   Leo Michaels
Kathy Najimy....   Olive Massery
Robert Prosky....   Pat Chase (1997-1998)
Kirstie Alley....   Veronica "Ronnie" Chase

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