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  Degrassi: The Next Generation

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> Description 
The ever-changing dynamic between friends, significant others, and enemies on Degrassi: The Next Generation likens it to a teenage soap opera. Much as in a real life, the adolescence of the characters is a mix of happiness and tragedy as they find themselves in very real situations where the stakes are higher than anyone ever seems to remember after exiting High School. Although every episode isn't amazing, the show has been compared to My So-Called Life for its ability to portray the real drama of life as a teenager without resorting to complete melodrama or pandering to its audience.

In the United States, Degrassi: The Next Generation airs on The-N (which runs as Noggin for pre-schoolers from 6 AM until 6 PM Eastern time (and shifts for the other time zones; i.e. in the Pacific zone it is 3AM to 3PM), then the focus shifts to teens and The-N runs for the other 12 hours each day). Noggin is owned by Viacom (the same company that owns Nickelodeon). In Australia it is aired by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as part of its "ABC Kids" lineup. (Before each episode is shown in Australia, a warning is broadcast that the programme may not be suitable for younger children).

Several factors, including Degrassi:TNG's award winning writing and heavy exposure on The-N have made it surprisingly popular in the United States. A March, 2005 article on this growing "south of the border" popularity in the Ottawa Sun notes that it is by far the most popular show on The-N and has outperformed U.S. youth-oriented non-cable prime-time shows like Joan of Arcadia and 8 Simple Rules even though only a relatively small portion of the U.S. has access to The-N cable channel. This is even more remarkable considering how few TV shows from other English-speaking countries (besides those geared towards young children such as Teletubbies or The Wiggles) have succeeded with a U.S. audience. Other successful English-language shows from outside the U.S. have generally been from the United Kingdom rebroadcast on PBS or BBC America; despite the close proximity, Canadian television is almost never rebroadcast to the U.S., making Degrassi:TNG one of the most successful Canadian TV shows ever in America. As a result, many American fans are only aware of the new Degrassi series, having never been exposed to the original.

Recognizing this, American actor and film director Kevin Smith will be making a 3-episode guest appearance in the 2005 season. A fan of both the original and current shows, Kevin Smith named a character in Clerks Caitlin for the character of the same name in Degrassi.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Premiere October 14, 2001
Episodes 81 (as of 2004-2005 season)
Network The-N (US)
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country Canada
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Stefan Brogren....   Archibald Simpson(Spike)
Amanda Stepto....   Christina Nelson(Spike)
Jake Epstein....   Craig Manning
Jake Epstein....   Craig Manning
Miriam McDonald....   Emma Nelson
Ryan Cooley....   JT Yorke
Cassie Steele....   Manny Santos
Lauren Collins....   Paige Michalchuk
Daniel Clark....   Sean Cameron (Seasons 2-4)
Shane Kippel....   Spinner Mason
Christina Schmidt....   Terri MacGrego ((Seasons 1-3))

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New Season Info
(Posted July 11, 2005 by rollerc)

Great news! CTV has a video with them talking to the cast! Go here( and look at the second video in the "Watch Video"(Scroll Down). ... [More Information]

Source: CTV
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