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  Almost Perfect

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> Description 
Based, in part, on the life of co-creator Robin Schiff, Almost Perfect centered around high-strung Kim Cooper and laid-back Mike Ryan. Kim, a writer for a police show called Blue Justice, found herself at the top of her game after being promoted to showrunner. Mike, meanwhile, was a hotshot district attorney. Like all great odd couples, sparks flew the moment they met, and they soon were an item. The relationship and the promotion would have made it truly perfect for Kim -- if not for one thing. How to juggle a heavy workload and maintain a healthy sex life?

Offering occasional support for them were the Blue Justice writing staff -- neurotic yuppie Gary Karp; burnt-out eccentric Neal Luder; and naive, boyish Rob Paley.

Entertainment president told to make "young, hip, edgy" shows, or else. Entertainment president makes "young, hip, edgy" shows. Entertainment president gets canned anyway. New regime comes in. New regime doesn't want any of former entertainment president's "young, hip, edgy" shows. New regime cancels former entertainment president's "young, hip, edgy" shows. One would think that's what happened behind the scenes of the show-within-a-show, Blue Justice. But really that's what happened behind the scenes at CBS with the show itself, Almost Perfect. After performing well both on Sunday after Cybill and Monday after The Nanny, the new brass may have felt they'd be wearing their bias on their sleeve if they didn't renew it, no matter how obvious it was that they thought of it as the inherited stepchild. In fact, out of 11 new series from their ill-fated 1995 fall lineup, Almost Perfect was the only one to return for a second season. But not without a struggle. CBS, believing the workplace scenes the only good part of a (ahem) romantic comedy, told the producers Kevin Kilner had to go. Not wanting to end up cancellation #11, they gave Kilner the unceremonious boot, then saved face by telling the press they agreed with the network's decision. And for what? CBS neglected to promote the series when it returned in the fall, deliberately omitted it from a two-page fall preview, ran its season premiere late, punished it with a bad time slot, and, not even a month later, sent it away on lifetime hiatus the minute their expensive, heavily-reworked prize, Ink, debuted. At least it wasn't alone. Lead-out Public Morals was sent away with it -- after all of one episode.

The show was given a less than faithful 13-episode order for season two. It shut down production the first week of November, 1996, before the last 3 were filmed. The 6 episodes that then-entertainment president Les Moonves (the new regime) couldn't be bothered to air were shown on the Lifetime Network in 1997.

Almost Perfect is produced by Levine & Isaacs Productions, in association with Paramount Network Television (season 1); Robin Schiff Productions / Levine & Isaacs Productions, in association with Paramount Network Television (season 2)

Show Description Credit: TVTOME
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Dec 01, 1997
Premiere September 1, 1995
Episodes 34
Network CBS
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Mary Smith....   Denise
Chip Zien....   Gary Karp
Nancy Travis....   Kim Cooper
Kevin Kilner....   Mike Ryan (season 1)
Lisa Edelstein....   Patty Karp
Matt Letscher....   Rob Paley
Sarah Morris....   Shannon

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