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  60 Minutes

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> Description 
The American 60 Minutes is noted for its unique style and ability to generate news and controversy. As of 2004, the program and its contributors have won a total of 75 Emmy Awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award presented in 2003 to creator Don Hewitt. It is one of the oldest surviving investigative journalism shows on television, having first aired in 1968.

The format consists of three long-form news stories, without superimposed graphics. The stories are introduced from a set which has a backdrop resembling a magazine story on the same topic. The show undertakes its own investigations and follows up on investigations instigated by national newspapers and other sources.

Many stories' topics center on allegations of wrongdoing and corruption on the part of corporations, politicians, and other public officials. Said figures are commonly either subjected to an interview, or evade contact with the 60 Minutes crew altogether, either by written notice or by simply fleeing from the approaching journalist and his camera crew. Historically, alleged wrongdoers are often made to look bad on television, and 60 Minutes is well-known for its potentially damning interviews of various people and organizations.

60 Minutes also interviews celebrities and well-known politicians on a frequent basis, documenting their history and philosophical viewpoints. These segments are rarely accusatory in the way that their more pointed investigations are.

Other themes which have been associated with the show include its "Point-Counterpoint" debate segments, which originally featured James J. Kilpatrick on the conservative side of the debate and Shana Alexander for the liberals. This format was lampooned during the early years of the NBC comedy series Saturday Night Live, with Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd as the debaters; Aykroyd would begin his remarks with, "Jane, you ignorant slut." The "Point-Counterpoint" segments were recently revived for a few months featuring Bob Dole and Bill Clinton.

The show usually ends with a commentary by Andy Rooney expounding on topics of wildly varying import, ranging from international politics, to economics, and to personal philosophy on every-day life. One recurring topic is counting the amount of coffee in coffee-cans. Rooney's pieces, particularly one in which he referred to actor Mel Gibson as a "wacko," have led to complaints from viewers.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Jan 01, 0000
Premiere September 24, 1968
Episodes Unknown
Network CBS
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Mike Wallace....   Correspondent
Lesley Stahl....   Correspondent ((1991-))
Diane Sawyer....   Correspondent ((1984-1989))
Morley Safer....   Correspondent ((1970-))
Andy Rooney....   Correspondent ((1978-))
Harry Reasoner....   Correspondent ((1968-1970), (1978-1991))
Dan Rather....   Correspondent ((1975-1981))
Steve Kroft....   Correspondent ((1989-))
Ed Bradley....   Correspondent ((1981-))
Meredith Vieira....   Correspondent ((1989-1991))

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