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  Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

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> Description 
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters was a children's television series that ran from 1973 to 1975. The show was a Sid and Marty Krofft production and was shown on Saturday mornings. There were 29 episodes and two seasons.

Its basic premise was that of Sigmund (played by Billy Barty), a friendly (if somewhat cowardly) sea monster who runs away from his comically dysfunctional undersea family, and is discovered and befriended by two boys, Johnny (played by Johnny Whitaker), and Scott (Scott Kolden), who let Sigmund stay in their hideout.

Plotlines were very simple and straightforward, usually some variation on the idea of Sigmund doing something silly to arouse attention and the boys working to prevent him from being found by Sigmund's brothers, Burp and Slurp, or the boys' overbearing Aunt Zelda, played by Mary Wickes.

Show Description Credit: Wkipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Oct 18, 1975
Premiere September 8, 1973
Episodes 29
Network NBC
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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> DVD Releases & Reviews
Complete 1st Season (Rhino Home Video)
(September 13, 2005) Buy It (USA) (Canada)

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