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  Secret Agent

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> Description 
The first season's episodes were 30 minutes in length and portrayed Drake as an Irish-American secret agent, possibly working for a secret arm of NATO, who often argued with his superiors about the ethics of his missions. The series was a major success in Europe, but was unsuccessful in syndication in the United States, so when American financing for a second season fell through, the show was cancelled. (This run of the series appears to be little-remembered, as even the recent A&E DVD release of the first season suggests, erroneously, that it never aired in the United States.)

After a hiatus, and in the wake of the popularity of the James Bond movies in the interim, Danger Man's creator, Ralph Smart, rethought the concept and with the second season (1964), the episodes ran a full hour and had a new theme tune, entitled "High Wire". Drake had mysteriously lost his American accent and was no longer in conflict with his bosses (at least, not at first). In the US the revived show was retitled Secret Agent for broadcast as a summer replacement on CBS and given a theme song, "Secret Agent Man," by Johnny Rivers, that became a smash hit. The series was also known as Destination Danger or, simply, John Drake in other parts of the world. During the first half of the second season, Drake answered to Hobbs (Peter Madden), a somewhat sinister superior always seen fiddling with a knife; this was the only time in the series that McGoohan had a regular co-star.

Unlike the James Bond films, which became increasingly fanciful as they became more popular, Danger Man strove for realism, attempting to dramatize believable Cold War tensions. In the retooled series, Drake was now an operative for M9, a fictional British intelligence department working under the cover of a travel agency. He found himself often in perilous situations which did not always have happy outcomes, and sometimes his duty forced him to make decisions that led to good people suffering unfair consequences. Drake never carried a gun, though he found himself in numerous fights, and what gadgets he used were never inordinately far-fetched. He also, unlike Bond, never got the girl. (McGoohan was notoriously conservative about sex and violence and refused to play any role that contradicted his views.) Although villains often met fatal ends in the series, Drake himself rarely killed anyone and in the entire run of the series only shot one person to death (this occurs in one of the last half-hour episodes from 1960). Despite this, a number of TV reference works such as The Encyclopedia of 20th-Century American Television by Ron Lackmann, claim that Danger Man was one of the most violent series ever produced, despite evidence to the contrary.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Apr 30, 1966
Premiere April 3, 1965
Episodes 86
Network CBS
Format/Time Black & White / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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