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> Description 
The host read a trivia question to the three contestants (one of which was usually the winner of the previous show) who had to activate a buzzer to answer the question. Correct answers provided within about 4 seconds of buzzer activation were awarded $5, while incorrect answers were penalised the same amount. If a player answered incorrectly, the answer was revealed and the game went on to the next question - other players could not subsequently answer the question if the first player to activate their buzzer failed to answer correctly.

Once in each of the three standard rounds, a longer-format question, the "who am I", was asked, where a succession of increasingly larger clues were given to the identity of a famous person, place, or event. In this round, players could activate their buzzers and answer at any time, without penalty for an incorrect answer. However, they only had one chance to answer. If one of the players buzzed in and answered correctly, they had an opportunity to play the "famous faces" subgame, where players got to choose randomly from a game board with nine squares featuring the faces of celebrities, mostly performers on the network's shows. Once chosen, the face selected would be spun around to reveal either a relatively small prize (typically appliances or furniture valued at around a weekly wage) or a $25 bonus, which awarded $25 to the player's score. Later series added additional smaller bonus amounts to the gameboard.

Once per round, the highest-scored player was offered the chance to sacrifice some part of their score to "purchase" a prize. The prizes, and the cost, increased in each round. Contestants were allowed to haggle with the host, who, depending on the game situation, could reduce the cost and offer inducements including actual cash to make the purchase. If two or more players had the same score at this point, a Dutch auction was conducted for the prize. In later series of the Australian version, the final prize sale was replaced with "cashcard" where the player instead had the opportunity to spin the "cashcard", where they had the opportunity to either win a cash prize of several thousand Australian dollars (equivalent to perhaps a month's average wages for a middle-class Australian at the time), earn the opportunity to win a car later in the game (see section on major prizes), receive the score they sacrificed back, or reduce the score of a competitor slightly.

The later series also added a "fast money" section for the final round, where the host would ask the questions in a particularly quick-fire manner, attempting to fit in as many questions as possible in 60 seconds. Most of the more successful players proved themselves particularly adept at this section.

The winner of the game was the person at the end with the most points. If there was a final tie, the tied players answered a tiebreaker "Who am I" question, where a correct answer won the game, an incorrect answer lost.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Mar 24, 1989
Premiere September 29, 1969
Episodes Unknown
Network NBC/Syndicated
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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