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  The Bradys

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> Description 
"The Bradys" was one more attempt to re-unite the cast of the original series, "The Brady Bunch." Now everyone is older, and the kids have kids of their own, and everyone has problems. First there was Greg, the oldest of the boys, he is a doctor; married to his nurse, Nora Brady, and has Kevin, the perfect son. Next we have Marcia, (Maureen McCormick was the only original cast member who did not return) who married Wally Logan in the earlier reunion, the Brady Girls Get Married. Now Wally cannot hold down a job, and is in financial trouble, so Marcia, Wally, and kids, Jessica and Mickey, all need to move back in with Mike and Carol Brady, and of course Marcia has to deal with alcoholism. Then you have Peter, now that he and his fiancée have broken up, and Peter is a playboy. Jan and her husband, Philip Covington III, are trying to have children, but are unsuccessful, so they adopt a little Asian girl, Patty Covington. Bobby is next. He has been in a serious car accident, as a driver for the Indy 500, and is paralyzed, from the waist down. He marries his college girlfriend, Tracy Wagner Brady, and the preacher from the original series, who married Mike and Carol, reprises his role, and marries Bobby and Tracy. Now, Cindy is a DJ on a major radio station, and she is dating her boss, Gary Greenberg. Now we have a giant Brady clan to deal with all sorts of problems. Mike Brady is told that he has to move, since his house is in the path of a new freeway. Instead of moving, they put the entire house on a flatbed, (with some of the worst special effects) and move the house to a new location. To make sure this never happens again, Mike runs and wins City Councilman, he uses the house, and Bobby's condition as his platform. In another episode, the Brady girls, Marcia, Nora and Tracy start their own catering business. Of course no Brady series would be complete without Alice, who lives down the block from the clan, married to Sam the butcher, who is never seen or heard.

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Mar 09, 1990
Premiere February 9, 1990
Network CBS
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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