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  Babylon 5

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> Description 
Babylon 5 is an epic science fiction television series created, produced, and largely written by J. Michael Straczynski. The music for the TV series and related TV movies was composed by Christopher Franke. The pilot movie, The Gathering, aired on February 22, 1993, and the regular series initially aired from January 26, 1994 through November 25, 1998, first in syndication on the short-lived Prime Time Entertainment Network, then on cable network TNT. Because the show was aired every week in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 without a break, the last four or five episodes of the early seasons were shown in the UK before the US.

The series won several awards [1] (, including two Hugos for Best Dramatic Presentation. One of the Hugo awards is used as a prop in the final episode, marking the first time that a Hugo has been shown on-screen in a series that won a Hugo.

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Nov 25, 1998
Premiere January 26, 1994
Episodes 110
Network Syndicated/TNN
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Mira Furlan....   Delenn
Richard Biggs....   Dr. Stephen Franklin
Tracy Scoggins....   Elizabeth Lochley (1998)
Andreas Katsulas....   G'Kar
Michael O'Hare....   Jeffrey Sinclair (1994)
Bruce Boxleitner....   John Sheridan (1995-1998)
Bill Mumy....   Lennier
Peter Jurasik....   Londo Mollari
Patricia Tallman....   Lyta Alexander (1994-1995)
Jason Carter....   Marcus Cole (1996-1997)
Jerry Doyle....   Michael Garibaldi
Julie Caitlin Brown....   Na'Toth (1994)
Mary Kay Adams....   Na'Toth (1995-1998)
Claudia Christian....   Susan Ivanova (1994-1997)
Andrea Thompson....   Talia Winters (1994-1995)
Stephen Furst....   Vir Cotto
Robert Rusler....   Warren Keffer (1995)
Jeff Conaway....   Zack Allan (1995-1998)

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