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  The Edge of Night

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> Description 
For the show's entire duration, the stories either revolved around or had much to do with Monticello lawyer Mike Karr (first played by John Larkin, then by Laurence Hugo and finally Forrest Compton). His wife Nancy (Ann Flood) was a journalist and helped in many of his cases. Other important characters were Police Chief Bill Marceau (Mandel Kramer), who was one of Carr's best friends and with whom was shared a tremendous mutual respect, rare between a defense attorney and a chief of police, Marceau's wife Martha, who battled alcoholism, fellow lawyer Adam Drake (Donald May), and television personality Nicole Travis (first played by Maeve McGuire).

Nicole had the most interesting history, as she was married to Adam Drake, feared dead in a boating accident, came back to life, and when her marriage to Adam was finished for good, the character was replaced with a new actress (Jayne Bentzen had assumed the role) and was subsequently de-aged a decade, a rarity for an adult character in the genre. Now younger and more vibrant, Nicole was suitable for a relationship with young doctor Miles Cavanaugh (Joel Crothers). She was eventually killed off when her makeup powder was poisoned.

Another important relationship was that between Nancy and her younger sister Cookie, who was married to Mike's friend, Philip Capice (Ray MacDonnell). In the show's later years, the Karrs' beautiful daughter Lori Ann, by now a young adult, was an important character. Her relationship with Jonah Lockwood, a cult leader very much in the style of Charles Manson, almost cost her her life, but he was revealed to be an alternate persona of Keith Whitney, scion of the weatlhy Whitney family, nemesis of the Karrs and Marceau! One of the later major story arcs was about a train wreck and a prisoner who was unjustly convicted escaping from it, much in the style of Dr. Richard Kimble of The Fugitive.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Dec 28, 1984
Premiere January 1, 1956
Episodes 7420
Network CBS/ABC
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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