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  As The World Turns

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> Description 
As the World Turns was the creation of Irna Phillips who, beginning in the 1930s, had been one of the foremost creators and writers of radio soap operas. As a writer, Phillips favored character development and psychological realism over melodrama, and her previous creations (which included The Guiding Light) were especially notable for placing professionals - doctors, laywers, and clergypeople - at the center of their storylines.

And so it was with As the World Turns, with its slow-moving psychological character studies of families headed by legal and medical professionals. The personal and professional lives of doctors and lawyers would remain central to As the World Turns throughout its run, and would eventually become standard fare on all soap operas. Whereas the 15-minute radio soaps often focused on one central, heroic character (for example, Dr. Jim Brent in Phillips's Road of Life), the expanded 30-minute format of As the World Turns enabled Phillips to introduce a handful of professionals within the framework of a family saga.

One of Phillips's innovations was to introduce a sort of Greek chorus to the stories. The primary purpose of characters such as Nancy Hughes (played by Helen Wagner) was to comment on the crises faced and decisions made by the town's more dynamic residents. This technique contributed to the popularity of the show and continues to be widely used in other soap operas.

Phillips's style favored gradual evolution over radical change. Slow, conversational, and emotionally intense, the show moved at the pace of life itself - and sometimes even more slowly than that. Each new addition to the cast was done in a gradual manner, and was usually a key contact to one of the members of the Hughes family. As such, the show got a reputation as being quite conservative (though the show did showcase the first gay male character on American soap operas, in 1988). During the show's early decades, the content-related policies of its sponsor Procter & Gamble Productions may have contributed to the perception of conservatism. The soap manufacturing giant typically balked at storylines in which adultery and other immoral behavior would go unpunished, and as late as the 1980s characters from the primary families were still generally not allowed to go through with abortions.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Nov 30, -0001
Premiere April 1, 1956
Network CBS
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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ATWT Casting News
(Posted January 30, 2006 by Jacob Hopson)

Casting Notes
appears as a cop who helps Nick get to the bottom of Paul's disappearance on Monday, January 23 an ... [More Information]

Source: CBS
(Posted August 16, 2005 by Jacob Hopson)

Casting Notes
BRIAN GASKILL (ex-Oscar, B&B) will join the cast of As The World Turns i ... [More Information]

Source: CBS
(Posted August 16, 2005 by Jacob Hopson)

Casting Notes
BRIAN GASKILL (ex-Oscar, B&B) will join the cast of As The World Turns i ... [More Information]

Source: CBS
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