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  Leave it to Beaver

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> Description 
The Cleavers are the 1950's 'All-American Family' in this 'feel-good' family sitcom. Parents Ward and June, and older brother Wally, try to keep Theodore ('the Beaver') out of trouble. However, Beaver continues to end up in one kind of jam or another. Unlike real life, these situations are always easily resolved to the satisfaction of all involved and the Beaver gets off with a few stern moralistic words of parental advice. Instigator and troublemaker Eddie Haskal is an older kid who always manages to avoid being caught.

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Sep 12, 1963
Premiere October 4, 1957
Episodes 234
Network CBS/ABC
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Howard McNear....   Andy The Barber (1957-1960)
Joey Scott....   Benjie Bellamy
Bobby Mittelstaedt....   Charles Fredericks (1957-1959)
Frank Bank....   Clarence 'Lumpy' Rutherford
Doris Packer....   Cornelia Rayburn
Ken Osmond....   Edward 'Eddie' Haskell
Richard Deacon....   Fred Rutherford
Lyle Talbot....   Gilbert Bates
Burt Mustin....   Gus the Fireman
Majel Barrett....   Gwen Rutherford
Stanley Fafara....   Hubert 'Whitey' Whitney
Jeri Weil....   Judy Hensler (1957-1960)
Cheryl Holdridge....   Julie Foster (1960-1963)
Barbara Billingsley....   June Cleaver
Robert 'Rusty' Stevens....   Larry Mondello (1957-1960)
Diane Brewster....   Miss Canfield (1957-1958)
Sue Randall....   Miss Landers (1958-1962)
Madge Blake....   Mrs. Margaret Mondello (1958-1960)
Richard Correll....   Richard Rickover
Jerry Mathers....   Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver
Tiger Fafara....   Tooey
Tony Dow....   Wallace 'Wally' Cleaver
Hugh Beaumont....   Ward Cleaver (1957-1963)

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season 2 (Universal Home Video)
(May 2, 2006) Buy It (USA) (Canada)
Season 1 (Universal Home Video)
(November 22, 2005) Buy It (USA) (Canada)

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