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  The Beverly Hillbillies

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> Description 
Meet the Clampett clan - There's Jed, a kind and sensible man turned millionaire, though not as imbocilic as the others, things happen around him without he knowing it; Granny - old and senile, paranoid, and always certain she knows how to deal with a situation; Elly May - Incredibly beautiful but awful naive! And Jethro Bodine - the stupid nephew of Jed. He's a strong as he is dumb; and Mr. Drysdale, a greedy banker who will do anything to keep the Clampett money in his bank, even if he has to hurt other people. Anyway, they've struck oil, gotten millions of dollars, move into a giant mansion, but still live like hillbillies: they still dress in tattered ragged clothes with rope belts, and Granny still makes soap the old fashion way, and Jethro tries to woo the women with his manly ways, but he's actually only acting like a real idiot, and doesn't even realize it.

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Sep 07, 1971
Premiere September 26, 1962
Episodes 274
Network CBS
Format/Time Black & White / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Percy Helton....   Bob Cratchitt (1968-1969)
Barney Elmore....   Chauffeur Parkins (1965-1970)
Bea Benaderet....   Cousin Pearl Bodine (1962-1963)
Irene Ryan....   Daisy Mae Moses 'Granny Clampett' (1962-1971)
Larry Pennell....   Dash Riprock (1965-1969)
Fred Clark....   Doctor Roy Clyburn (1963-1967)
Richard Deacon....   Dr. Klingner (1970)
Lisa Seagram....   Edythe Brewster (1965-1966)
Donna Douglas....   Elly May Clampett (1962-1971)
Elvia Allman....   Elverna Bradshaw (1969-1971)
Kathleen Freeman....   Flo Shafer (1969-1971)
Joi Lansing....   Galdys Flatt (1963-1968)
Williams Mims....   General Grant (1967)
Bettina Brenna....   Gloria Buckles (1969-1971)
Danielle Mardi....   Helen Thompson (1969-1971)
Bill Baldwin Sr.....   Himself (1964-1965)
Earl Scruggs....   Himself (1963-1968)
Lester Flatt....   Himself (1963-1968)
Paul Winchell....   Homer Winch (1962)
Burt Mustin....   Humphrey the Caufeur (1964-1965)
Nancy Kulp....   Jane Hathaway (1962-1971)
Sharon Tate....   Janet Trego (1963-1965)
Phil Gordon....   Jasper DePew (1962-1963)
Buddy Ebsen....   Jed Clampett
Linda Henning....   Jethrene (1962-1971)
Max Baer Jr.....   Jethro Bodine, Jethrene Bodine (1962-1971, 1962-1963)
Frank Wilcox....   John Brewster (1962-1966)
Roy Roberts....   John Cushing (1964-1967)
Richard Caldicot....   John Faversham (1967-1968)
Edgar Buchanan....   Joseph P. 'Uncle Joe' Carson (1968)
Diana Barlett....   Joy Devine (1970-1971)
Peter Whitney....   Lafayette 'Lafe' Crick (1964)
Milton Frome....   Lawrence Chapman (1964-1967)
Midge Ware....   Louise Scruggs (1963-1965)
Sirry Steffen....   Marie the Maid (1962-1963)
Roger Torrey....   Matthew Templeton, Mark Templeton (1969, 1970)
Raymond Bailey....   Milburn Drysdale (1962-1971)
Judith McConnell....   Miss Jeanne Leeds (1969)
Harriet E. MacGibbon....   Mrs. Margaret Drysdale (1962-1969)
John Alvin....   Photographer Harry Barth (1964-1967)
Arthur Gould-Porter....   Ravenswood the Butler (1962-1965)
Frank Cady....   Sam Drucker (1968-1969)
Lloyd 'Shad' Heller....   Shad (1969-1970)
Alan Reed Jr.....   Sheldon Epps (1965)
Phil Silvers....   Shifty Shafer (1969-1971)
Shug Fisher....   Shorty Kellems (1969-1971)
Louis Nye....   Sonny Drysdale (1962,1966)
Ray Kellogg....   Studio Guard (1964-1966)
Mady Maguire....   Susan Graham (1969-1971)

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