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  Team Sanchez

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> Description 
Dirty Sanchez, known as Team Sanchez in the United States, is the name of a British television series, created by MTV as a British version of their popular series Jackass. It features three Welshmen, Matthew Pritchard, Lee Dainton, Michael "Pancho" Locke and one Plymouthian man, Dan Joyce. They met together through a mutual love of skateboarding and a crude sense of humour, whereby they try and outdo each other by causing as much pain and humiliation as possible to each other.

It all started when Dainton and Pritchard started filming themselves skateboarding and pranking each other, in a collection of bootleg videos called Pritchard vs Dainton.

MTV decided to create a television series about these two men and their other two best friends, in a show called Dirty Sanchez, named possibly after the sexual act which involves rubbing an excrement-stained finger across someone's upper lip. Each show features, among the many often controversial and always dangerous stunts, clips of themselves, their families, their friends and their workmates talking about them and their lives. In total, two seasons were filmed, with 8-8 episodes each.

The first series received mixed reactions, with some people claiming it was just a lame copy of the American show Jackass, while others, especially those previously offended by Jackass, complained it pushed the boundaries of taste too far out, with a high content of extreme stunts and strong swear words, as well as full frontal male nudity. However, the majority of extreme television fans applauded the show, enjoying the broadcasting of stunts such as standing on top of a ladder and having a car driven into it, or snapping mousetraps onto their scrotums. Many saw Jackass as tame after viewing Dirty Sanchez.

As a result, MTV decided to film the British boys for a second series, Jobs for the Boyos. This series focused on the lads visiting various workplaces, and training with their staff for five days. These work experiences include a hair salon, an army camp, a building site and even a ranch in Arizona. Aside from training for each job, always with hilarious consequences, the lads always find time and tools to try and damage and annoy each other, such as testing a "no tears" shampoo by pouring it directly into their eyes or drinking beer out of Pritchard's backside.

Unlike Jackass, Dirty Sanchez' stunts are not named and classified, rather they just take place during a program without notice, often catching the viewer out. Stunts on Dirty Sanchez include:

Dragging Pritchard's bare butt cheeks across a strip of grip tape, the sandpaper-like material on top of skateboards, then drenching them in vinegar and salt.

Pancho Abuse: Pancho enjoys drinking copious amounts of alcohol, which more often than not leads to him passing out. When this happens, the other boys are quick to take advantage. So far they have shaven his eyebrows off, sellotaped his mouth shut and two dildos to his hands, inserted many cigarettes into his mouth, nose and ears, and even shaved a reverse mohican onto his head.

Competing against each other by seeing who can collect the most pubic hair from a range of people in a set amount of time, and the loser (the one with the least amount of hair) having to eat a pizza topped with the fuzz. Joyce failed to turn up and subsequently lost.

Volunteering to be pelted with golf balls, hockey balls, footballs and rugby balls from close range. Stripping naked and attempting to buy beer from a cornershop, jumping in front of people, or surprising single male golfers.

Nailing Pritchard's penis to a plank of wood using a U-shaped nail Piercing their ears, tying weights to the earrings and throwing them down cliffs

Each member running on a treadmill, collecting their sweat into a jar, then drinking the liquid.

MTV recently announced that the third series of Dirty Sanchez will broadcast from July on Sunday nights on MTV(Which it havent in 2005). The official name is yet to be announced, but this series will be set in several European countries.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Premiere March 15, 2005
Network MTV2
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Matthew Pritchard (I)....   Himself
Dan Joyce....   Himself
Lee Dainton....   Himself
Mike "Pancho" Locke....   Himself

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