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Name: Seapharris7

Favorite TV Shows: American Dad!, Daria, The Dead Zone, Dog the Bounty Hunter, ER, Family Guy, Father of the Pride, Frasier, Friends, Judging Amy, Just Shoot Me, King of Queens, Mad About You, Monk, Nip/Tuck, Real World, Rescue Me, Roseanne, Sailor Moon, Scrubs, The Simpson
Favorite Movies:
Hobbies: Working on, writing in my journal, decorating my house, and taking over the world. But usually I just punk out and watch some X-files o Family Guy, play with Jack, and listen to some crappy punk rock.

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi. A big city trying to remain a small town. I married Joel Ruiz on Jan 2, 2003. Jack, our son, was born on November 21, 2003. I work at Braselton Homes as a secretary. Braselton is the 2nd largest home builder in the Corpus Christi area. Everyone seems nice and considerate there. Right now Iím working on getting my finances together and trying to be a good wife and mother. I was attending Del Mar College for Court Reporting, but that will have to wait until I have everything else under control.

Here's What I Edit...


The Simpsons, The King of Queens, The Dead Zone, Sisters, Roseanne, Rescue Me, Once And Again, Nip/Tuck, Monk, Judging Amy, Friends, Father Of The Pride, Family Guy, Everybody Loves Raymond, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Daria, Any Day Now, American Dad, Titus


People: Nora Dunn, Michael Whaley, Mark Frankel (I), Leland Chapman, Kevin James, Justin Bihag, Julianne Phillips, Jean Smart, Heather McAdam, George Carlin, Gary Chapman, Elizabeth Hoffman, Duane Chapman Jr., Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, David Dukes, Dave Chappelle, Daniel Gerroll, Chris Rock, Cecily Chapman, Bonnie Jo Chapman, Anthony Michael Hall, Annie Potts, Patricia Kalember, Phillip Sterling, Ryan J. Francis, Sela Ward, Seth MacFarlane, Shelia Kelly, Swoosie Kurtz


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