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  The Simpsons

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"Simpsons" Keeps Going (and Going...)

(Posted September 14, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

Few in Hollywood age more gracefully than Homer Simpson.

The fat, bald patriarch of Fox's The Simpsons turned 17 seasons old Sunday night. Ancient by TV standards or no, Homer's vital stats remain strong. His season opener drew 11.1 million viewers, ranking ninth for the TV week ended Sunday, per Nielsen Media Research.

With 357 Simpsons episodes now having aired, the animated comedy ties Dallas for eighth among the longest-running entertainment programs of all-time, according to the Website Longest Running TV Shows.

By the end of this season, The Simpsons should have passed Alfred Hitchcock Presents (361 episodes) and My Three Sons (369), and moved within striking distance of fifth place and Death Valley Days (381).

The Simpsons hasn't just persevered, it has prospered. Last season, it averaged 9.6 million viewers, up from the 8.6 million it entertained a decade earlier.

The O.C., by comparison, might be the anti-Simpsons, slowly but surely regressing as it ages.

The Fox soap's third season premiere and cliffhanger tier-upper attracted 7.5 million diehards (31st place), down about 13 percent from its season-two opener and a ways away from its heady first days on the beach in Summer 2003.

Given that The O.C.'s premiere came against the National Football League's opening night match-up on ABC (first place, 18 million), a truer test for the show will come this week. That's when it'll go up against something arguably more fearsome than the Oakland Raiders: The new cast of CBS' Survivor: Guatemala.

By Joal Ryan

Source: Yahoo! News

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