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Couch-less "Daily Show" a bold move for Jon Stewart

(Posted July 21, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

Two seemingly unrelated things have happened lately on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart": There's a new set, and the show has gotten great play out of the Karl Rove CIA leak scandal/not a scandal.

The first thing may appear next-to-inconsequential, something for the "Daily Show"-obsessed, but you could look at it as Stewart's way of saying goodbye to an old way of playing the late-night game.

Time will tell, but no couch might very well mean Stewart is acknowledging what even his die-hard fans have often felt that the interview segment of "The Daily Show" is a dead zone. It's when Stewart himself, through his idle sarcasm, signals to the audience that the comedy is pretty much over, cue the chat portion of the show, the politicians and authors, mixed with actors arriving to push their product by shuttle, it seems, after Letterman and Carson Daly, with a layover at Conan.

The new set three giant screens behind Stewart, the aforementioned talk show couch gone, so that Stewart's guest sits with him at the desk gives the appearance, anyway, that "The Daily Show" will be a hotter visit, something that might perhaps even evolve (devolve?) into something resembling that show Stewart made hay detesting, CNN's "Crossfire."

By Paul Brownfield, Times Staff Writer

Source: Calendar Live

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