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(Posted August 16, 2005 by Jacob Hopson)


Martha Bryne (ex-Rose)     as Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder

Alexandra Chando              as Maddie Colman

Giovani Cimmino                as Parker Munson

Mark C. Collier                  as Mike Kasnoff

Terri Conn-Colombino       as Katie Peretti-Frasier-Colman

Trent Dawson                    as Henry Colman

Ellen Dolan (ex-Maureen, GL)  as Dt. Margo Hughes

Mary Beth Evans (ex-Kayla, DAYS; ex-Katherine, GH)                                          as Sierra Estaban Reyes-Montgomery-Drake

Jennifer Ferrin     as  Jennifer Munson-Kasnoff

Eileen Fulton       as                                                                                                  Lisa Miller-Hughes-Eldrige-Shea-Colman-McColl-Mitchell-Grimaldi

Don Hastings      as Dr. Bob Hughes

Kathryn Hays     as Kim Sullivan-Renyolds-Dixon-Stewart-Andropoulos-Hughes

Benjamin Hendrickson   as Lt. Hal Munson

Jon Hensley (ex-Brody, OLTL) as Holden Snyder

Kelley Menighan-Hensley as Emily Stewart-Snyder-Munson

Anthony Herrera as James Stenbeck

Scott Holmes (ex-David, RH) as Tom Hughes

Roger Howarth (ex-Prof. Hetson, DAWSONS CREEK;ex-Todd, OLTL)                as Paul Ryan

Elizabeth Hubbard as Lucinda Walsh

Jennifer Landon (daughter of the late Michael Landon (ex-Little Joe, BONANZA; ex-Jonathon, HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN; ex-Charles, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE) as Gwen Norbeck

Marie Masters as Dr. Susan Stewart

Grayson McCouch (ex-Morgan, AW) as Dusty Donovon

Michael Park as Dt. Jack Snyder

Peter Parros (ex-Ben, OLTL) as Dr. Ben Harris

Colleen Zink-Pinter as Barbara Ryan-Stenbeck-Munson-Dixon-Munson-Montgomery

Zach Roerig as Casey Hughes

Kin Shriner (ex-Scotty, GH/PC) as Keith Morrissey

Jesse Soffer (ex-Max, GL) as Will Munson

Tamara Tunie as Jennifer Griffin Harris

Ernest Waddell as Curtis Harris

Helen Wagner as Nancy Hughes-McClosky

Jake Weary as Luke Snyder

Maura West as Carly Tenney-Munson-Dixon-Snyder

Kathleen Widdoes as Emma Snyder

Marie Wilson (ex-Carolyn, PC) as Meg Snyder



Source: CBS

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