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  As The World Turns

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(Posted July 14, 2005 by Jacob Hopson)

Soap opera veteran Brian Gaskill will join the cast of As the World Turns later this summer. His yet-unnamed character will interact on-screen with actress Terri Colombino (Katie Peretti Coleman).

Over the past decade, Gaskill has earned a sizeable fan base through appearances on three popular daytime dramas. The actor got his start in daytime television in 1995 with the role of Bobby Warner on ABC's All My Children. Gaskill remained with the show for two years before taking a four-year sabbatical from the soaps in order to pursue primetime opportunities. In 2001, Gaskill was lured back to ABC for what was to have been a short-term role on Port Charles. Gaskill initially appeared as a fallen angel, but fan reaction to his character was so positive that he ended up returning to the show and remaining part of the cast through the show's cancellation in October 2003.

With the announcement of Port Charles already a done deal, Gaskill was hired by rival network CBS for its 30-minute soap,
The Bold and the Beautiful. By adding Gaskill to the B&B cast, rumors that ABC wanted Gaskill to reprise his AMC role were quickly squashed. Gaskill's character on The Bold and the Beautiful, Oscar Marone, was never completely fleshed out and it often appeared that the show's writing staff couldn't figure out what to do with the character. In October 2004, after months of seeing no on-screen time, Gaskill issued a statement that his time with B&B had come to a close. Show brass, meanwhile, insisted that they were working on a way to bring the actor back into the fold.

Gaskill's character on As the World Turns has not yet been given a name. Nor has a first airdate been announced.

Two-time Daytime Emmy nominee Hunt Block (Craig Montgomery) will be leaving As the World Turns in the upcoming weeks. The move to ditch the actor has come as a surprise to both the cast and fans of the CBS soap.

After brief stints on
All My Children and Guiding Light - both of which saw his characters meet their demise - Block joined the cast of As the World Turns in July 2000. He and his character immediately fell into favor with then-new head writer Hogan Sheffer. Sheffer, a four-time Emmy winning scribe who was released earlier this year, made no attempt to hide that fact that he enjoyed writing for the character of Craig.

In an amusing email printed in the May 31st edition of Soap Opera Weekly, Block mused that he was fired after demanding that he be allowed to "work only in togas and speak only Pig Latin."

Without elaborating on details, a spokesperson for As the World Turns did confirm that the actor is out.

"Hunt Block is leaving the show," the spokesperson told "The departure is storyline dictated.

Unofficially, a source tells that the reason for Block's dismissal was budget cuts. The two Procter & Gamble soaps, As the World Turns and Guiding Light, are both undergoing some serious belt-tightening.

A final airdate for Block has not yet been released.





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