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  The Guiding Light / Guiding Light

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'Guiding Light' Cleared to Resume Taping

(Posted August 19, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

The soap opera "Guiding Light" was cleared to resume taping Friday after the cleanup of a mercury-contaminated set, officials said.

"There are no detectable levels of mercury in the air this morning," said Ian Michaels, a spokesman for the city's Department of Environmental Protection. "The `Guiding Light' people showed us paperwork consistent with proper disposal and the set has been reopened."

Taping at the show's 222 East 44th St. studio was interrupted Thursday morning just before a dramatic emergency-room scene when a set designer dropped a blood-pressure device that was being used as a prop and mercury spilled onto the floor. The DEP found elevated levels of mercury in the air and a 24-hour evacuation was ordered.

The crew and the actors, several of whom were dressed like doctors and nurses, were checked for contamination before being sent home.

Alan Locher, a spokesman for Procter & Gamble Productions Inc., which produces the soap, said taping would "pick up where we left off," with a scene in which Tammy pledges her devotion to Sandy despite her lust for her cousin Jonathan.

Source: Yahoo! News

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