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Roseanne's rage

(Posted September 4, 2003 by Seapharris7)

Roseanne says "sexism" is behind ABC's cancellation of her two new TV shows -- she claims the network axed her because she needs a hysterectomy!

"Roseanne is furious with ABC," revealed an insider. "She told them she needed a hysterectomy and they canceled her new cooking show 'Domestic Goddess.' "She fumed: 'If I was a man going in for a prostate operation they wouldn't cancel the show. It's sexism!'"

But Roseanne is more concerned about her health right now. She had been suffering from bleeding and felt weak for the last few months.

"She was also stressed-out over putting together the ABC reality feature 'The Real Roseanne Show' and the cooking hour that was to follow it on the ABC Family cable channel," said the insider.

"In the middle of all this, Roseanne underwent tests at her gynecologist's. She was told she needed a hysterectomy. But she was relieved to know she had no tumors or cancer concerns.

"After she told ABC she wanted to postpone the cooking show for a few weeks, to her amazement and disgust they canceled it. Then 24 hours later they announced the reality show was canceled too.

"They'd already filmed 157 hours of Roseanne's private life. But only two episodes of the reality show had aired and scored low ratings.

"The network is justifying the reality show's cancellation by saying the cooking show couldn't go on so what was the point of continuing the reality show, which was about her making the cooking show?

"Now Roseanne is focused on her health. She made plans to have the operation at an L.A. area hospital."

Meanwhile Roseanne has one good thing going for her -- she still has her new man.

Viewers of her reality show saw Johnny Argent, 54, billed as her "Internet Friend." But The ENQUIRER revealed weeks ago that Johnny is Roseanne's boyfriend.

"The reality show would have shown Johnny being cast as bandleader and musical director on her cooking show," the insider added. "That job is kaput. But he's still her lover. Roseanne couldn't be happier about that."


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