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Carson's Late-Night Desk up for Auction

(Posted September 29, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

LOS ANGELES ( A well-heeled fan or collector will have the opportunity to buy Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" desk where he reigned as the King of Late Night.

The late comedian's desk, which was used on the show between 1974 and 1981, will go under the hammer on Saturday, Oct. 8 through Heritage Galleries & Auctioneers, report news sources.

"If the microphone was his pen and sword, the desk was his field of battle," says Doug Norwine, Heritage's director of music and entertainment memorabilia. "This is a desk with a story."

The rosewood desk has a gold-colored inlaid top, hidden ashtray holder, trash bin and orange shag carpeting sporting a burn mark from the time Carson set fire to his index cards after his jokes kept tanking.

Heritage Galleries successfully sold Carson's on-air microphone at auction for $50,787 in April. Additional items going to auction include: a tiny bit of flooring Carson stood on to deliver his monologues, a studio clock, and audio recordings he made in 1949 at the University of Nebraska for his senior thesis, "How to Write Comedy for Radio."

Carson hosted "The Tonight Show" from 1962 to 1992. He died in January of emphysema at 79.

Source: Zap2it

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