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  The Biggest Loser

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'Losers' only at NBC's House Party

(Posted September 12, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

A select group of fans already will have seen "The Biggest Loser" before the second season of NBC's weight loss competition debuts Tuesday.

They are participants in an unusual marketing project that yokes the power of digital media, the Internet and old-fashioned friendship.

Marketing firm House Party Inc. was scheduled to facilitate events at 1,000 homes Saturday for which highly motivated fans have invited a group of about 20 people to share a preview screening of the 90-minute episode. The hosts were chosen from applications solicited by NBC.

"We really take advantage of the Internet to create an online product that maximizes the viral reach before and after the party," said Parker Reilly, House Party president. "The hosts and guests use our customized site to plan and organize their event, then it turns into a hive of activity."

The Web site encourages participants to upload photos, video and other content they create. It also hosts assets from the show, including things like downloadable T-shirt transfers proclaiming, "I saw it first," to help spread the word.

These fans get relevant gifts but no money. "They also get to see the preview, which is special and of value," Reilly said. "NBC gets recognition for valuing their audience along with buzz that grows from the moment we start planning the parties."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Source: Yahoo! News

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