Munsters Pilot Cast:

Herman Munster.....Fred Gwynne
Phobee Munster....Joan Marshall
Marilyn Munster....Beverly Owen
Grandpa Munster..Al Lewis
Eddie Munster......Happy Derman
In 1964 a Pilot for a show called the Munsters was submitted to CBS in hopes that the show would be accepted for the 64-64 Season. This first pilot was shot in color and featured different cast members then that appeared in the 70 episodes on TV such as Joan Marshall who played Phobee (The name Phobee was later changed to Lily), also Eddie was played by Herman Derman. CBS didn't like the this pilot, and wanted it reshot in black and white.
As you can see by looking at the two pictures to the left, everything remained the same, but the fact it was in black and white.
COLOR Munsters            B&W Munsters
CBS still wasn't happy with the pilot, so they decided to to some recasting and character renaming. Phobee Munsters would now be called Lily Munster and would be played by Vyonne DeCarlo. Eddie Munsters was no played by Eddie Munsters (A new time actor), no longer Happy Derman. CBS was finally happy with this 3rd pilot, done in Black and White and featuring some new cast members. 

This Pictures Above show Joan Marshall and 
Happy Derman the original Choices for Lily and Eddie.
Very web sites have information on this Color Pilot, which many People Don't know about. I will be adding new information to this page in a few weeks.

which features clips from this color pilot and other information on the munsters