ALSO KNOWN AS: "The New Munsters"

Munsters Today Cast:

Herman Munster.... John Schuck
Lily Munster.......... Lee Meriwether
Marilyn Munster..... Hilary Van Dyke 
Grandpa Munster... Howard Morton
Eddie Munster....... Jason Marsden
"The Munsters Today" was an updated version of "The Munsters." Grandpa has preformed a experiment that went wrong and accidentally froze the family for twenty-five years. They wake up in the late 80s. The episodes now start in black and white and go into color (like the Wizard of Oz). The house looks different and the theme song has changed. 
The series premiered in 1998 and was syndicated around the country. Staring John Schuck, Lee Meriwether, Howard Morton, Hilary Van Dyke & Jason Marsden. The Munsters Today was shot on a four-camera videotape, rather then film (which was used in the original series). Twenty percent of the color has been removed, and the use of special Beta cameras allows the picture to be shot with less detail, projecting a soft, less-live image.  Moreover, a number-two fog filter over the lens has taken the edge off the sharpness, leaving a gloomy, of pea soup, effect. A few of the props from the original series was used, but much of the set was different and less detail was given to the surrounding. 
Many of the original cast and producers from the original series don't care for "The Munsters Today" and feal that the producers lacked creativity by redoing an old show rather then coming up with their own idea.

    John Schuck - Howard Morton - Jason Marsden - Hilary Van Dyke

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