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JLmunsterscover.jpg (42962 bytes)(LEFT) Lily and Herman Munster on the cover of  "Cult Movies" magazine.

(RIGHT) The Munster family on the cover of "NewsFlash." The whole magazine is filled with information about the series.

MonsterWorld.jpg (22440 bytes)Munster1mag.jpg (38689 bytes) (LEFT) The Munster family on the
cover of "Munster World."

(RIGHT) cover of the number one of "Official Munsters Magazine"


munstersmagazine.jpg (50601 bytes)munsterssceen.jpg (47574 bytes)(LEFT) The Munsters VS. The Addams Family on a magazine cover.

(RIGHT)  Herman featured on the cover of "MonsterScene" Magazine.


munstersTVguide1.jpg (20405 bytes)munsterTVguide2.jpg (16722 bytes)(LEFT&RIGHT) Herman and Lily featured on the cover of two different editions of TV Guide. Grandpa Munster is in the background on the right copy.


MunstersTVAustrailiamagcover.jpg (38102 bytes)    

   Herman and Lily featured on
   the cover of "TV TIMES", an 
   Australian television magazine.


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