The Munsters House stands to this day in Universal City, California at the Universal Studios Theme Park. It was rumored that in 1963 approximately $1,000,000 was spent to convert the classic Victorian house into the creepy Munsters mansion, even though very few exterior shots are seen in the series. Since the series went off the air in 1996 many changes have occurred.

with the broken and warped pictures, this page was in disrepair for a while ... sorry about that. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the newly updated version. If anyone finds I am missing anything or wants to contribute ... please do!
The Munsters House in 2004

Front View

Front View - Close Up

Side View

Side View

In late May 2004 I was on vacation in California and visited Universal Studios (in Universal City), and of course I went on the Back Lot tour where you get an hour or so tram tour of the Universal Studios lot which features not only The Munsters House, but other houses from series, Leave it to Beaver, Coach, and many many more.

The four above shots were actually taken right from the tram. If you are willing to pay a bit more you can get a VIP tour which allows you to actually get off the tram and explore. You will notice in these pictures that the house is on a curve yet in the series original run the road was straight. The house was actually moved across the lot to a different street, a few years back.

As you can see from looking at the pictures, the house is in near perfect condition with a new fresh coat of paint. You'll notice the the annoying tree blocking a majority of the front of the house seen in the 1994 pictures has since been removed.

The Munsters House in 1994

Photographer: Adam Jones  |  Adam Jones' Web Site
Used with Written Permission from Adam Jones

The picture to the left was taken by Adam Jones around 1994. As you can by looking at the full version of the picture you can see the house is in somewhat dis-repair (very 'Munster' like). the sign identifying the house is purple, since a new gray sign stands in front of the house.

The picture to the right is not dated; It is somewhat difficult to even guess a date. The scrubs in front of the house are different from those that appear in both the 1994 and 2004 versions, which leads you to believe it is pre-1994, yet it is clearly in better condition then the 1994 photo reveals, so it's a mystery. If anyone has any information on this picture please let me know!
The Munsters House in 1964

The shot of the house we know and love. It's hard looking at all of the above pictures and believing these are all the same house. Universal added a classic brick wall with iron gate, window treatment in the main center, various dead looking trees and scrubs played around the property and other props to covert a somewhat average house into the crazy Munster mansion. 



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