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Herman Munster
Herman is always wondering why everyone is so scarred of him and ruining away. I guess people just do that when your 7 ft tall, have a green complexion and you look like Frankenstein. In one episode he is walking across the street. A car tips him, and causing him no damage. The lady driving the car looks at his face and thinks she had deformed it and offers him  $10,000 dollars (this shows how people react to his looks). Herman (being so smart) thinks this is the fee he has to pay and re runs away.  Herman is 150 years old and was constructed (not born) in a German Laboratory.  Herman is convinced that he is the average American father and husband. He works at a funeral parlor and once was mistaken for a client. Herman may sound like a scary type character, but that is quite the wrong impression. The original director of the show made Herman out to be a bit more scarier then he later was in the show. Later directors made Herman to be the excellent character that he is now. Herman is a loving, kind person willing to help anyone, if they don't run away. He's not the smartest monster in the family, but he's funny, kind of...

Lily Munster
Lily, the average American house wife and mother. She enjoys dusting the house (putting the vacuum in reverse and spreading dust everywhere). She is a loving husband to Herman. Her father (played by Al Lewis) lives in her house with her family and niece. She doesn't like telling Eddie to stop howling at night or telling him to close his coffin lid, but when your a mother those are just some of the things you have to do. She's enjoying reading palms in her spear him. She is born in Transylvania. She also has a brother named Lester who appeared in only one episode I believe. her Vampire resemblance and silver streaked hair make her another beautiful Munster. 

Eddie Munster
Eddie Wolfgang Munster is a fifth grade Student at Mocking Bird Heights Elementary School. He enjoys track and has won many awards for it. he is dressed in his Lord Fauntleroy suit, which makes him another great lookin' Munster. In the lat episode he wrote a composition "My Parents, an Average American Family". He wrote the essay using blood as ink. Eddie's teacher thought that no family could be as he described it in the essay (grandfather - vampire, dad - 7 feet, etc., just normal stuff), so they went to his house to investigate.

Grandpa Munster
Count Dracula also known as Grandpa Munster to the Munster family is the father of Lily Munster. he is in a tuxedo, he looks like a penguin :) He was born in Transylvania. he also has a son named Lester. he has had many wives, more then I can count on 3 hands, but he is not currently married. He is a scientist who is using in his lab located in the Munsters' Dungeon (basement). he sleeps like a bat (hanging up-side down).  

Marilyn Munster 
The only Munster that was normal looking, or weird looking to the other Munster family members. Marilyn is blond and she is in her early to mid twenties. She currently Attends Westbury College. Her main goal in life is to find a man. Every time she brings one to her house, he seems to run through the brick fence, the door, or some other object to get out of their as fast as they can. I wonder why? Her great looking family says that the men she is picking just aren't good enough for her.  



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